Composite materials (fiberglass)

Extensive experience in the production by the method of “wet filamentous winding”. Variety of tubes of circular, square, trapezoidal or other cross-section, as well as truncated cones or pyramids

Harkov Plast - Composite materials (fiberglass)
Various application

Manufacture of parts and assemblies practical in industry and households. Energy, automotive and railway transport, agriculture and animal husbandry are just some of the possibilities.

Harkov Plast - Various application
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Composite materials and products

Composite materials - fiberglass - consist mainly of rigid reinforcing filler (reinforcement) - glass or organic fibers (rarely metal fibers), and polymeric binders (matrix) - epoxy, polyester and other resin compositions. By choosing the type and quantity of reinforcement and matrix, the various properties of the composite can be changed in a wide range - strength, thermal conductivity, tightness, relative weight, chemical resistance and others.

Strong as steel, lighter than aluminum, excellent electrical insulators, do not corrode - these are fiberglass. Good solutions for industry, agriculture and everyday life. Let's look for them together.

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