Harkov Plast eng. Ltd.

It specializes and has extensive experience in the manufacture of composite products produced by filamentous and contact methods.

Many valuable qualities allow composite materials to be used for the production of parts and assemblies from virtually anywhere in the industry and households: Energy (incl. nuclear), road and railway transport, agriculture and animal husbandry, sports, plane, ship and rocket construction, the modeling, radio and advertising work, chemical industry, construction.


Production program

Composite materials, produced with the “wet filament winding” method – bars, tubes and cylinders of different inner diameter (see table below), wall thickness as desired and length up to 2300 mm (for special orders up to 4000 mm). The tubes may be circular, square, trapezoidal or other cross-section, as well as truncated cones or pyramids, as well as specially reinforced to obtain a high flexural strength (tube-in-tube). The inner surface can be smooth or threaded even during winding – without interruption of the valve. The composite can contain inserts (eg. threaded) of another material (eg. metal).

Useful information